We provide world best indoor snow which hardly melt under the general air conditioned atmosphere


About Snow Town
We provide The world's BEST Snow and ICE technology for the partner

We are Japanese professional ice and snow technology company.
Our service is Planning, Design, CM, Operation training and Maintenance of Snow and Ice rink
based on the experience more than 60 years in Japan.


1. Low initial and running costs

Snow town make the system available that keep snow under normal
air condition.You do not need install extra chiller or freezer for keep snow.
It have huge advantage for owner to save the cost of initial and runnning


2.Comfortable environment


The temperature inside snowtown control around 18 degree without any extra chiller and freezer.

In all other same snow facility in the world, the customer feel just cold and can not stay long time.

But our customer can enjoy play snow and eat food for long time under 18 degree.

It make average sales per customer increase.


3.Natural Feeling

Dryer, or less moisture ice produced by Snow Town attains cost-efficiency for both manufacturing ice and air conditioning.
It also works to avoid from using chemical ingredients, and so Snow Town achieves the natural hand feeling of snow even in an ordinarily air conditioned space..