We provide world best indoor snow which hardly melt under the general air conditioned atmosphere


About Snow Town

Our snow is flake ice shape. The temperature is about -7 deg C and the thickness is about 2-3mm. It contains less water and last longer than the general ice since it has bigger refrigeration potential.

About Snow Town

Water is supplied to the big surface of the cylinder and immediately chilled. Then uniform quality of dry sub-cooled ice is generated. The about 2 mm thickness flake ice chilled to -7 deg C and become dry non-sticky ice.

1.Light Weight

Comparing to the other products, our snow is lighter because less amount of the water is contained. Minimum reinforcement of the structure of the facility is necessary. The loading weight is smaller and additional unnecessary construction cost is not required.


2.Hardly Melt


General competing ice products’temperature is about -1 to 0 deg C. The temperature of our snow is about -7 deg C and melt more slowly.

3.High Density

The competing products are sticky and have the space among the particles. Out snow is easier to fill up the area with higher density because it is dry and less conflict.